Wednesday, September 28, 2022

BabySharks Return!

Hi Folks,

My goodness, our best wishes to all of our friends in Florida as this hurricane is about to strike! Looks like it will be a bad one and is going to take some time to recover from it.

Things are shaping up this week. I really need to get in front of the grinder for a day or two in order to move some stuff along, but things are still happening. I will have a few smaller batch sales coming up shortly as I finish up some earlier unfinished projects, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I was able to complete a few dozen more BabySharks. These are mostly all stamped with my usual wide variety of image, although there are a couple of plain ones here. These were made last year so are older images only... Also, there are a couple of lefties if anyone wants to email me for them. I will have more of these with some additional decorative features coming later this fall.  

BabySharks will run $165 plus shipping and the purchase link is below. Thanks as always for stopping by, and please do stay safe out there!

Woah, gone in a flash! Thanks so much! :)



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