Monday, December 07, 2020

Steel MiniBar+

Hi Everyone!

It's a bright and sunny day here in Massachusetts, but quite chilly. Somehow we managed to dodge the big snow storm this past weekend and the ground is bare with not a flake in sight, for now anyway. I'm sure that will change very soon though.

I've been busily cranking out the projects lately, and still have a ways to go before the end of the year. I will have another wave of ti stamped beads coming up, but this time with anodizing. And bronze QuickDraws are shaping up nicely so those will be coming in a few days. There are some tiny batches of misc items here too, as well as a couple of remnant tool batches that I will try to get to. I'm definitely going to make an effort to do some sales this week because the mail is starting to slow down due to the unprecedented package volumes this year. Between the usual holiday season, the pandemic and the other bureaucratic slow downs the post office is a bit nuts right now. So the sooner things can move out the greater the chance they will arrive in a relatively timely manner given the situation.

Today I have steel MiniBar+ tools done. These are identical to the titanium version released last month, but they are in 5/32 thick CPM 154 steel and feature a stonewashed finish. I did a wide variety of stamps on these, and left a handful without stamps as well if someone wants to email me. There are a few lefties here too. 

Steel MiniBar+ tools will run $65 plus shipping and there is no limit on this huge batch. Thanks for taking time to drop by today, and please stay safe and sensible out there my friends!  

 All gone for now, thank you so much! I will have a few more with bead blasted finish in a week or two.



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