Thursday, December 10, 2020

Metal Flake Zirconium Hangman Hooks

Hi Everyone,

I'm at it again...actually a lovely day out there, cool and clear with some bright sunshine peeking through the clouds. That dusting of snow yesterday was just that, a dusting, and it is completely gone already.

Well, today I have something really cool for you. Zirconium, titanium and niobium all sit near each other on the periodic table. These are known as reactive metals, and all of them will respond to anodizing to produce colors. Years ago I had tried to anodize zirconium and noticed that the colors were not as bright as titanium. So I kind of forgot all about it and instead always went for heat coloring which produces the dark gray/black hue that you normally see for Zr objects. Well this summer I tried anodizing Zr again and this time, after much experimentation, started to find some very interesting and subtle effects.

I call this new treatment "Metal Flake" because it has a sparkly quality to it that reminds me of years ago when I used to hang out at my buddy's auto body shop and watch him spray hot rods with metal flake and pearlescent finishes. It's a very cool effect that picks up the light when viewed at different angles for a variety of looks. If you're looking for something unique this is it!

Metal Flake Zirconium Hangman Hooks will run $60 plus shipping. It's a small batch so I will make it a limit of one please. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your week my friends!

All gone, thanks everyone!


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