Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Steel Oddvarks

Hi Everyone,

Well it certainly has been an interesting fall so far. Also extremely tense and disturbing, and I for one could do without so much "interest" thanks very much...at least the weather has mostly held up and we had some surprisingly warm days in the 70's last week. But now it's turning raw and getting quite gray, a sure sign of impending winter. Another sure sign, we ate our last bag ripened homegrown tomato of the season last night! I'm still ripening some cherry tomatoes and peppers although they aren't as good as sun ripened.

Updates: Progress has been slow but very steady lately. I have a number of batches of tools and other items either ready for sales, or very close to ready. Steel MiniBar+ tools should be back later this week from heat treat. Mysterious titanium items that I'm calling SpaceNails, relicts from a long ago historical event, are also on the way...bronze QuickDraws are nearly done, they just need one more small milling operation to complete and then I can stamp them and do final finishes. A large batch of new old stock flat steel G5 Prybaby Wruler tools from over a decade ago is pending, as soon as they get some milling done. Also coming up are several batches of beads and some small odds and ends. A double batch of special 20 year anniversary steel Prybabies have been cut and prepared for milling so those will be coming towards the end of the year, or in January. I've been busy! :)

Today I have some new CPM 154 steel tools for you. The Oddvark combines a broad pry tip which is also good for scraping tasks, with a cap lifter, small SAE wrench set and small screwdriver/pry tip in a super compact 2.5 inch OAL package. Excellent ergonomics and utility with this one....

The Oddvarks have a bead blasted finish for a little change rather than my usual stonewashed. There are a wide variety of stamps here, and even a couple without stamps if someone wants to email me. Also a half dozen stamped lefties here as well.

Oddvarks will run $65 plus shipping and the link is below, limit of two please...Stay safe everyone. The covid is out of control and life is crazy but we will make it through!

All gone, thank you so much folks!


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