Thursday, November 19, 2020

Black Delrin 3 Rib Magnums

Hi Everyone,

Yeah I know, you can't believe I'm back for a third day in a row! Haha...well, it's quite cold outside this morning. When I took the trash out it was a balmy 17F, so just a bit on the chilly side. At least it's bright and sunny out there. Not that I would going anywhere, except to the grocery store...

Well today I have a small batch of Black Delrin 3 Rib Magnums for you. Delrin is light and non marking so it won't weigh you down or scratch up your gear...I didn't get to make as many of these cuties as I wanted, but maybe next year I will do another run. At any rate, here a few dozen for you today...I will make it a limit of two on them please since it's a small batch, and they will run $30 each plus shipping. Will be releasing black Delrin 6 Flute Megas next so more Delrin beads are coming. Thanks for dropping by as always, and stay safe folks!

All gone, thank you so much!


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