Friday, December 12, 2008

Winners Blackout SOPTHings...

OK, another great turnout. Thanks everyone! Here were the ten randomly chosen winners:

22 Jonesy
25 goingyard
30 Cowboy
120 exit14a
122 PDS
146 drJML
170 chadt
175 wishbone
198 Astuti
215 joe

I will send emails to the winners shortly. Please email me if you don't hear from me tonight.


J said...


The only way to deal with the disappointment is to show maturity, dignity, and grace.



I'll be sobbing in the corner now. Congrats to the winners. I envy you all more than words can possibly say.

Exit14a said...

Wow broke my cherry! This will make a stop in the Garden State before a trip to Orestiada.
Thanks Peter!

Benjamin said...

*sigh* The one piece that I want the most; i wish to win it.

I'll trade my ringthing or msopthing (or both) for this.

Peter Atwood said...

Don't despair guys, I do have more to finish still and will probably do some more with black cord. I'm also going to do some Minis with black cord. And I have 5 plain DLC ones that are sterile, no name stamp on them that I'll probably do up with tiger stripes. ;)

Benjamin said...

we <3 you peter!

J said...

YAY! More full-size SOPThings with black cord?

I feel hope again! Like Benjamin, this is the piece I want more than anything. Thanks for the news.

Time for me to study up on that voodoo again... ;-)

Jonesy said...

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! - Thanks Peter - Happy Holidays and very good luck to you all...

Jerry said...

I didn't enter this one...but a MSOPT sure sounds tempting! I like the satin finish. Some patterned ones would be very cool :)

Congrats to the winners, you will be tickled with the SOPT (it's a hoss).

Matt said...

This is awesome! Didn't win but I didn't have to end up buying myself a birthday gift today(although I wish I was able too) But I am really looking forward to those rulers and ring tools!

Any update on those?

Thanks as always Peter!

Oh! Will you have rulers in DLC, I don't really care for those helter skelter or honey comb(whatever colored pattern you showed in the picture)


s4biturbo said...

grats Paul!! and everyone else!! nice catch!