Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What's Next?

I will continue this series in the next day or two and show how these pieces evolve. They have already come a long way but there is still tons to do on them. I have left them with a 180 grit finish which will have to be much finer. I still have to debur the edges, grind the main bevels on the Drop Point Booger and the Nano Card. The V notch has to be milled on the mini Prybaby®. I have to stamp my name and then do a final once over before they can go into heat treat. The steel is Odin's Eye Damasteel. After heat treat there will be a further cleanup process then sheath making, then etching and finally sharpening.


Jem said...

And I thought magicians never divulged their secrets!

Don R. said...


We traded E-mails back over three years ago or so. In a not-so-nice place where I first observed your cool little tools.

IIRC, you were contemplating not making any more pry bars and look at you now!

You do good work. Don't be discouraged by the blog world either, just keep writing.


P.S. Turn your spam filter software on that Blogspot has or you will be inundated with Viagra pushing chimps on this thing. 8-)