Sunday, July 30, 2006

I just have to say a few words about the gadget and gear forum The guy who started and owns the board, Jon S. Burlison, is just a total class act. He is a very bright and generous person who I have spoken to a few times on the phone and exchanged quite a few emails and messages. Jon is full of cool ideas and really has his head on straight as far as I can see. Recently I tried to send him some funds in support of the forums and he called me to tell me that he was returning the funds, that he felt I had already done alot to support the forums and get it going. Then he followed that with an order for my gear. Wow. Hat's off to you Jon! :)

I also have to thank Monica for a great job in maintaining the forums and the other great moderators such as Karen, Heath, Todd, Bravo 25 and probably others that I am forgetting. You guys are just great! I would also be remiss if I didn't mention a few of the wonderful members such as GG, DH, Knightrider, TKC, KMCrawford, M Tex, Joe G., Badgerboy, Stillphoto, Jem, Simbad, Colby and many many others. Every board needs a bunch of hardcore regulars to keep it going.

What I really like about the edcforums crowd is that the group is very diverse and that helps give a fresh perspective on things. Since the board isn't focussed primarily on just one thing such as knives or guns as most other boards are, it allows for a lot more discussion on other pieces of gear, general carry methods and day to day strategies for preparedness. And it tends to bring in a lot more of the flashlight and techie folks into the usual mix which I think really adds a nice dimension to the discussions.

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David said...

EDCF kicks ass as Chris says it's "a two edged thing" since it does result in me spending too much money on stuff I don't actually need (although I actually need another belt to hold up my current belt).