Friday, July 14, 2006

Back Up and Running

Got the controller all squared away and running. Three cheers for Rob Frink, he's just great! :) Now my grinder is making a little noise on start up that I think might be one of the bearings. Won't be too bad of a fix if it turns out to be a problem but I am headed to the hardware store for a refill on my grease gun tomorrow and hopefully a little lubrication is all it needs.

Working on another load of stuff for heat treat. Boogers of all kinds, more Mini XLs and hopefully some Imps. It's rather hot and humid in the shop right now and progress seems painfully slow but I'm determined to get a bunch done this weekend. Looks like next week will not be as productive due to some unforeseen family obligations so I have to strike while the iron (and the titanium) is hot.

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