Friday, June 23, 2006

Our Daily Grind

Rainy days are good for grinding. This is the conclusion I have come to after a couple of years at this. The weather is dreary outside, gray and depressing. We've had an awful lot of days like this lately and as much as I dread another day of clouds and lack of sunshine I have to admit that I usually do get a lot done.

Sunny days just beg for slacking off and heading into town for a leisurely stroll to Cafe Koko for a coffee and maybe some time wasting at the record store. Sometimes I can catch Mr Ruddick who has a watch repair shop on the second floor of a building on Main Street but he's only there on Mondays and Fridays lately. Nice to have a good watch guy so close by and I will be sad when he retires.

But rainy days, they are good for hunkering down in the shop and cranking out the goods. I'm out of a bunch of stuff again as usual. Need to make more XLs, more Keytons, more Micro Cards, more this, more that. Whistles are out of stock too. It is indeed an endless kind of thing and mind you, I am NOT complaining. Today I could make some of those things but will I?

I have about 18 Boogers going so I think I will spend some time grinding those and the 5 Imps that are already heat treated. Even if I could get only half of them ground and sheathed today I'd be doing pretty good.

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