Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The current batch of Boogers have been coming along well. Got most of them ground and sheathed and many have gone out to their new homes already. I thank everyone for their interest and the business!

Now it's going to be back to square one and having to make more. I'm gratified by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Drop Point version. I have only done three of these so far but I'm getting a bunch of folks wanting to get on the list. Looks like the next batch will have a lot of drop points in it. :)

About to start a new batch of Prybaby XLs tomorrow. Hopefully will get a dozen or so ready for heat treat.

Also in progress, two Son of PryThings, 4 full sized Bug Out Blades, Micro Bug Out Bars, Micro Card knives, basic S30v Keytons and if you are really lucky, a handful of 3 Way screwdrivers. :P

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Anonymous said...

Man, I had a real nice skinner once and had it stolen... One of your boogers would be a REAL nice replace for it.. and very well taken care of.