Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's Gonna Rain

Yep, looks like this week will be very good for production since it is supposed to rain non stop for days and days. Good thing Jenny took advantage of a moment of dry weather and cut the lawn yesterday...

So it will be Boogers today. Mostly V notch ones this batch and much of the work is already done. Just have to grind the main bevel with the cutting edge and they will be ready for blasting, satinating, sheathing and sharpening. They're so darned cute, one of my favorite little tools. I'm going to try to keep one of these for myself this time. Haha, who am I kidding? I end up with the dregs mostly. I have a Mini on my keychain that is all messed up. The whistle on my keys has a double name stamp and a dent. The Booger that I keep will be the one with the grind line that went way over the middle line, way past where the point of the V notch was.

It's better this way though since I need to keep selling the salable stuff and paying for all the endless expenses of this business. Talk about hemorraghing money, knifemaking will suck it out of your wallet like you would not believe. Consider this last week. $136 for belts, $150 for kydex and rivets, $777 for steel and $385 to MSC for gloves, end mills, abrasives, drill bits, a scotchbrite wheel and misc items. Ouch. This week will see another box of belts for about $350. Even though I am blessed to have a cousin who works for Norton and who sends me belts once in awhile for free I still end up having to shell out for more every couple of months. I'm also close to running out of black paracord so that will be another $50 for a spool.

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