Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Latest

So what's the latest? Damned if I know.... I guess it would be a Wharncliffe Booger. Cute little guy and I'm sure I will have to do more of these.

It's just a continuous procession of these things lately, marching through my life. They're on their way someplace else, passing through my hands briefly or maybe too long depending on if you are the one who has been waiting 2 months for it or not. Some of these requests I receive I know I will never get to. Or the original request will be forgotten or the Requester will not have the money when contacted . It's all good, no worries. I'll make more, I'll make more. My apologies to those who will not get the pieces they have been yearning for and my congratulations to the ones who ask me for stuff I already have finished.

1 comment:

Dawg said...

Peter, can I come live with you? You can teach me and I will do the work while you hang at the watch shop. Just a place in the corner of the shop to curl up in would be ok.