Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Titanium PryDaddies!

Hi Folks,

Hope you're having a great week and preparing for the holidays! The end of the year is certainly coming up quick and the shortest days are now upon us. I'm always happier when the days are starting to get longer rather than shorter...we have a little snow on the ground right now but might lose a lot of it before the Christmas weekend as it is supposed to rain hard and go up to the 50's on Friday.

As usual I probably won't get all the stuff done that I wanted to before the end of the year. Oh well, that's what they made January for I reckon... I have a small batch of steel PryDaddies in progress that I need to grind and stamp before sending to heat treat. Some rather exotic small tools will be coming up in January as well. And I still have some more BabySharks to finish up. I have a couple of sheets of steel left that I bought earlier this year and am contemplating what to cut for next year, so I will be reviewing drawings soon. And I will be looking into making some new Mini beads this winter too.

Today I have a big batch of the new Titanium PryDaddies done. These 3.2" long compact tools recombine several familiar elements from past designs and put them all into one place. A sort of Grand Unified Theory of pocket tools. We have a full width pry tip with V notch, 5/16 wrench/cap lifter, 1/4 inch drive opening which doubles as a lanyard hole, and rear screwdriver/pry tip. In addition I engraved a small 1 inch scale on the front side and 3cm scale on the back side. Plenty of aggressive side grip areas complete this nice new design and give it a great feel in the hand. As mentioned above, I did cut a small batch of steel ones as well, so those will be coming in a month or two, and I may very well cut some more of these next year.

The PryDaddies have my usual wide variety of rare and custom stamps, and I gave them my elaborate multiple pass contrast anodized finishes. Some have name stamp on the front side, and some have the name stamp on the back side. I also have a handful of plain ones without the decorative stamps and without the anodized colors, so if anyone prefers pure vanilla, just email dedicated lefties this time around as these were already a bit complicated to make and my brain got full! 

Titanium PryDaddies will run $85 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping in today, and hope you have a great holiday week ahead!

All gone, thank you very much, and safe travels this season if you're out and about!


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