Monday, November 28, 2022

Brass Megas, and Updates

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! It was nice here with mild temps, and then a little rain yesterday. We are now out of our drought conditions, but could use more rain, and indeed it looks like there is more on the way on and off this next week. As long as it isn't snow I don't mind!

So I have been busy moving projects along. I finally got the heavy duty BarClaw tools out to heat treat last week and those should be back soon. The PryDaddy project is sailing along and ruler milling should be done this week on those, then I can get the finish grinding, stamping, ano etc done. My titanium StirCrazy kitchen tool is also well along and just awaiting ruler milling. So a ton of stuff is on the way for December, it's just taking forever to get it all to the finish line.   

Today I have some more brass 6 Flute Mega beads with stamping done. These are beauties and have a wide range of stamping images on them. They will run $40 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope your holidays are shaping up to be great!

All gone, thank you so much!      


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