Monday, April 26, 2021

Plain Titanium Ringbabies

Hi Everyone,

Well it's a bright and sunny spring day out there today. It's a bit cool, but much warmer days will be here very soon and that will give us all something new to complain about, hehe...everybody loves pleasant temps in the 70's, including pesky biting black flies who are waking up already.

I've been quite busy over the past two weeks. I put in some marathon grinding, stamping and finishing sessions so several projects are now much closer to the final finish line. I could easily have spent another week trying to wrap some of them up, but I think I ought to take a little break for now. 

Among the projects at hand are Zirconium Superbugs which are ready for heat coloring and final finish. Also, there is a small batch of new GasZilla tools in some leftover titanium I had kicking around. These are a neat little fidget/opener and they just need some anodizing to get them done. I also spent a lot of time on a nifty new steel item which is about to get milled next week. Zirconium R25 tools have just been cut, as well as another small batch of Zr QuickDraws so those will be coming in the summer. 

I realized last week that I had mentioned NOS bike tools awhile back. Those are steel Wheelman tools, not the big captive bit tools from years ago which are all long gone...anyway, as for the steel Wheelman tools, I just found a second box of them so now am undecided whether to finish the first group which is already well along or hold off and try to send them all to heat treat at once. We shall see... 

Today I have some Titanium Ringbabies done. They are very similar to the steel ones I made a couple of years ago, but I made a few tweaks. These are a bit longer, and are without a V notch so they have a broader flat pry tip without interruption. A cool little pry tool, sort of reminds me of a derringer... I decided to leave these with plain hand rubbed stonewashed finish and without stamps or accent grinds for the folks who prefer minimalist tools without embellishments. The other half of this batch is on the bench now awaiting stamping and anodizing so will be coming soon...also, there are a couple of lefties among these today if anyone wants to email me. 

Plain Titanium Ringbabies will run $60 each plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thank you as always for stopping by today, and I hope everyone is now either in line for their shots or already getting them. I had my first one two weeks ago and am very grateful and relieved!

All gone for today, thank you so much!



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