Monday, May 17, 2021


Hi Everyone,

Well spring sure did take it's sweet time getting here this year, but we are finally getting some perfect days here in New England. We're still a little bit dry so would be nice to have some rain, but at least we are finally getting some warmer days and some sun. My garden is certainly enjoying it and I already have pepper and tomato starts in the ground, lettuce is getting picked for salads and melons and cucumbers are poking their little leaves above ground.

All that outdoor activity needed to get done these past two weeks, but I have been working my brains out in the shop as well. I'm grateful for your patience lately and I promise you, your patience is about to be richly rewarded as we get into the warmer months and I retreat to my cool basement shop for finishing work this summer. :)

Updates: Steel Mini Prybabies are on deck for grinding and then they can get stamped and sent to heat treat. Zr Mini Superbugs are next in line for torch coloring, and those will be coming along very shortly. I'm part of the way through stamping the next Titanium Ringbabies. I started work on the bronze Medallion coins and they are coming out super cool, more on those very soon...I just got done with milling a new steel item, called the BabyShark, and those are going to be sent to heat treat soon.

This has been an epic period for metal stamps. I recently expanded my library of stamp images and have gotten some incredible new ones, including some exclusive customs that I have had made just for us. I can't wait to share these with you...

Well today I have a cool little fiddle tool for you. The Titanium GasZilla is a nifty little reversible gas wrench with O2 on one end and acetylene B tank on the other. It features two 5/16 wrench openers and center 7/16 wrench. I have played around with designs like this before and I keep coming back to it, so I decided to make a small run. These are just a lot of fun and you won't be able to put it down...they are stamped with a wide variety of images, and are mostly stamped on both sides. I gave them some crazy contrast anodizing but there are also a handful of plain ones in case anyone wants to email me and ask for them.

Titanium GasZilla tools will run $65 plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you're staying safe and healthy this spring!

All gone thank you everyone!

I need to clean my camera sensor, just ignore the little spot! :)


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