Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fizzy Guitar!

Hi Folks,

It is indeed brutally cold this morning, with temps only in the low teens F today. Ouch, now that's cold!

I'm busy juggling projects as usual. The two upcoming kitchen items are proceeding at a rapid pace...get ready for a sticky experience ahead, hehe...I'm also nearly done with a couple of bead batches and the first of the little forks, so please stay tuned over the next week as much will be happening.

Today I have the rest of the new guitar picks done. The Fizzy Guitar follows the Air Guitar and Ventilator models in the Art Picks series...These have the same wide variety of anodizing effects, many with rich patinas, as well as a few plain ones in the mix. Very cool shape for all you perfie lovers out there, and they certainly provide a variety of grip points.

I'm also considering making a similar shape in a small batch of carbon fiber picks by the way, so that's a possibility for up the road. Please shoot me a note if you would like to see CF Fizzies.

These will run $35 plus shipping and it's not a big batch so I'll make it two per customer limit on them please, purchase link is below. Thank you so much as always, and stay warm this week! 

These are all gone, thank you folks!

As an aside, thanks to Donors Choose, a music teacher, Mr. Anderson, received three Casio keyboards for his classes and another music teacher got materials so that he can teach his students to read music. So thanks again for your purchase today as a portion of it is going to some great causes!

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