Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Count Forkulas!

Hi Everyone,

It's a gray and cold day out there today, and we're expecting a big messy snow storm which is supposed to turn into rain overnight. But you can tell that even though the winter chill is still in full swing, and will be for some time, the days are definitely starting to get a little longer. Pretty soon the sap will be running and the neighbors will begin their maple sugar season.

I've been quite busy this past week getting the next projects underway. I hope you stick around because the first waves of kitchen MultiMags are nearly finished and they are going to be super fun! Also coming up are bronze Magnum beads as well as colored delrin Magnums. I have not made much further progress on the next batches of steel tools but will be spending a few days on some grinding probably next week and see if I can't get at least one of those batches out to heat treat soon.

Today I have the first version of Titanium Count Forkulas done. These little guys are adorable! They are the same length as the regular Count Sporkulas but I decided to make just the fork end and give them a more traditional slim handle shape. The resulting mini forks are easy to use, stow away nicely in a wallet and are always ready for action. I gave them a coarse stonewashed finish and then a polish tumble for the final pass, so they are a bit more polished feeling than their somewhat textured look would indicate. There are some lefties among them as well for you southpaws... A second version of this nifty little fork is also coming very soon and those have a cap lifter incorporated into the handle.

Titanium Count Forkulas will run $35 plus shipping and the link is below...I'll make it a limit of 4 since the batch is sizable. Thanks for swinging by today and hope your Valentines week is going great so far!

Sold out, thank you so much!


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