Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Count Sporkulas with Cap Lifter

Hi Folks,

Wow, I can't believe we are almost at Christmas once again. Where did 2018 go?

After a rather chilly start to the month we are finally getting some slightly milder weather which looks like it will continue through next week. That's fine by me as it means we can still get out for our daily walks, and I'm sure months of snow and bitter cold lie ahead.

I'm still working diligently and trying to finish a few more batches before the end of the year. So please stay tuned for more cool items coming...

Today I have the second new Count Sporkula design ready to go. These are similar to the basic ones from last week but also feature a cap lifter, 5/16 wrench and 1/4 wrench as well. Not that you need a wrench to eat your lunch, lol, but they are part of my familiar features and work well here for purposes of grip and overall design. It's always so handy to have one in your wallet, there when you need it.

The Sporkulas with cap lifter run $45 plus shipping and once again I'll make it a two per customer limit on them. Thanks for stopping in today and hope your holiday preparations are going great!

All gone for today, thanks so much everyone!

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