Friday, December 14, 2018

Basic Count Sporkulas

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday to you! It's a brisk one here again with temps around 30f which is where we have been for weeks. We've had an unseasonably cold fall this year, so in essence, our "winter" started in early November. I hope it doesn't portend an especially brutal winter but time will tell I guess. It's supposed to warm up a little bit next week though.

More PermaCorks are on the way, and hopefully will be ready to go next week. I'm scrambling to get a few more things done too before Christmas and then during the holiday week before New Year's. Even if I can't complete everything I would like to before year's end, all this preparation will set me up for a very active January. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe this year I can avoid getting sick during the holidays, unlike the past 4 out of 5 years. Hand sanitizer is always ready and waiting in the car lately and I did have a flu shot.

Today I have the first wave of the new Count Sporkulas done. These are made of titanium and they are a bit heftier than the past runs which I made several years ago, measuring in at .067 inches thick. This first batch has a basic shape and features a refined four tine fork with flat spoon on the opposite end.

The whole idea of these is to actually have it on your person when you need it. So a flat utensil, while lacking some of the functionality of a traditional curved fork and concave spoon, is the only type of design that can actually be carried in a wallet. Despite the limitations of a flat utensil, they remain surprisingly usable. You can't eat soup with it, but you can certainly eat ice cream, yogurt, chili, salads, mac &cheese, etc. I have given these a hybrid stonewash/bead blast type finish so they will wear well and clean up easily.

A second, more "loaded" design featuring a cap lifter and some of my familiar wrenchy type shapes is on the way soon. And a stand alone tiny Count Forkula in two versions is also well underway and will follow these first two.

The basic Count Sporkulas will run $45 plus shipping. These batches are all quite modest in number, so I will make it a two per person limit on them. No worries though if you miss out on any of these runs because I will almost certainly be making more of these next year as it is currently a favorite here in my house...anyhow, hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by today.

All gone, thank you everyone!



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