Monday, February 12, 2018

Zirconium Mini Triangles

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's a dark and chilly day out there today. Typical gloomy February weather but we're supposed to see some intermittent sunshine and a bit warmer temps coming up this week. I'm looking forward to seeing some of this snow and ice melting!

Well, things have been slowly coming along these past two weeks. Much grinding has been happening and there is a big pile of worn out belts sitting down in the shop right now. I put a huge effort into prepping out some new batches of tools and many are awaiting milling this week. There have been some delays with milling the various ruler projects due to this horrific flu illness that is going best wishes and hopes for speedy recoveries to everyone who has been sick.

Anyway, at some point we will be seeing some steel rulers and a nifty new ti measuring tool. Also in the works is that cute little Small Fry tool in titanium that I had posted a drawing of last month. And there is a second related version of the Small Fry coming that lacks the cap lifter and includes a V notch.

The past two weeks has been a very creative period for me and I'm happy to announce that out of the various drawings I selected an updated BedBug tool which will be coming very soon. I'm quite excited about this little guy as it will bring some interesting new design directions to the table.

Also on the way are the remaining batches of Mini 5 Flute beads and I am looking at some possible bead related designs as well. Fun stuff ahead for 2018!

Well today I finally have the long awaited Zirconium Mini Bermuda Triangles finished. These are similar to the previous version but I decided to give them a hexi edge design for great grip. They are slightly thicker than previous Mini Triangles so that meant that I had to make the pry bevel a bit higher in order to maintain a usable geometry. As a consequence there was no room for a name stamp on the front side of the tool, so I elected to put it on the back side instead. There is very little real estate on these so I did not make any tools with my decorative stamps. However, there is a wide variety of extra grinds on them!

The only bummer on these is that the center reamer was a little worn and so the 3/8 opening is just a tad loose for the spin cores resulting in a slip fit rather than a press fit. So if you are looking to use one of the MD Engineering spin cores (tall ones only due to the thickness, available from MD Engineering website) for these they will have to be glued in place. No biggie though, I used a super tiny wipe of Gorilla Glue applied with a q-tip on the example below, set it on the heater to dry for a few hours and it was a very easy install. The key is to use a very very very thin wipe of glue, let it set up for a few minutes to get tacky, slide the bearing in carefully and center it. After it is dried then you can use an exacto blade to remove any excess glue that was pushed forward by the bearing, then screw the button ends back on. Don't try to shove the whole assembly in there or you will simply glue the whole thing in place and it won't spin.

The Zr Mini Bermuda Triangles will run $65 each plus shipping. The batch is generous in size so it will be a limit of two per customer on them please. Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you all are washing your hands frequently and staying healthy this winter! 

Sold Out for now, few more coming shortly, thank you so much!


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