Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Small Fry

Hi Everyone,

We've been having some freaky weather here these past two weeks. It's been in the 50's for a couple of days and will continue with warm temps for much of this week. The snow piles are rapidly disappearing and everywhere you go people have big smiles on their faces. I'll certainly take it but would not be surprised to see a big snow storm next week.

I have some updates for you today. There is a super cool little project called the SeedNeedle Planting Stick underway and those are nearly ready to go, just in time for spring gardening season. Also underway are new titanium BedBugs and the first of those should be completed in a couple of weeks. A newly designed steel Prybaby project is scheduled for cutting next week. Steel metric Crawdaddies are now sitting next to the grinder, so I have run out of excuses and will be making myself finish up the prep work and figure out what I want to do for grinding on those very shortly, but they are still weeks and weeks away from completion.

Also, the stainless mini 5 flute beads are finished and I will be tying up strings this week for them. There are two or three other projects going on as well so plenty of nifty new items are coming to keep us all amused this spring!

Today I have the textured titanium Small Fry tools done. These are very fun and I have been testing one daily for the past couple of weeks. The tool is small, only 2.5 inches in length, but very stocky at .210 in thickness, so just under 1/4" thick. Features include a 7/16 12 point wrench, broad pry tip, 5/16 wrench/cap lifter and StepSide grips. The angled corner on the pry tip has a small bevel grind which, although not particular sharp, is just pointy enough to use as a quick access tape popper on shipping boxes. A second wave of slightly different Small Fry tools without cap lifter is also already cut and underway, to be completed in the month ahead.

The Small Fries are plain finished without color anodizing. I figure people don't want to be wiping sticky glue off of the colored ones if they get used for box duty. If there is a big call for them I may make a few steel ones down the road as well, we shall see...also, forgot to mention, the grinds vary a bit on these and there are a few lefties too.

So these Small Fry tools will run $65 plus shipping and it's a sizable batch so I will make it a two per customer limit on them please. As always, I thank you very much for dropping by today and hope you have a great week ahead!

These are completely sold out, thank you!


Charles Anthaume said...

Great Job Peter. The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of my MSoPT. I am so glad that I was able to pick one up. Can't wait to receive it so I can do a S x S comparison. Keep up the great work and as always, NEVER STOP GRINDING.

John said...

BAH \_:-O_/ Missed another awesome one... man leave the interwebz for a couple days and look what happens!