Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bubble Glow Game Coins

Hi Folks,

Happy New Year to you all! Wishing everyone the very best for 2018.

I'm sorry I've been so scarce lately but the whole family has been sick for the past three weeks with the nasty flu that's going around, and we're STILL not completely over with it yet. Crazy how this thing lingers forever, and countless people around here seem to have it also. And yes, I did get the flu shot this year, but to no avail...Anyhow, it's made for a very slow start to the year for me. I'm just now starting to get my energy back and have been fiddling around in the shop over these past few days. So hopefully I can put the coughing, snorfing and hacking behind me and start to get things rolling again now. Sheesh! :)

There is much on the schedule ahead for this winter. I wasn't able to finish everything I had going last year so a ton of projects are spilling into the new year. I still have a few Spin Coin variations to finish. Also several versions of the mini 5 flute beads including anodized titanium, bronze, red aluminum, black delrin and stainless steel. So those are all coming over the next couple of weeks as well as the Zr Mini Triangles which are sitting on the bench waiting for me to do the grinding and finish work.

For steel tools, the long promised metric 3v Crawdaddies remain in progress, hopefully heading for completion later this winter. Another tool that has already been cut, surface ground and is waiting for me to start working on them are some nifty steel R37 rulers with pry tips!

There is a brand new titanium tool on the drawing board and that one is a definite go. A simple and elegant item designed primarily for gardeners, it will also have some crossover appeal as well. A freshly designed new mini pry tool in ti or steel is also pending and I will be cutting a small batch soon.

More KingPins are coming. I have titanium ones started and the heads are already stamped with decorative stamps. I do not have the pins ground yet though so they will be a little while before I can finish them. Also, I will be making copper KingPins with stamped heads but they may prove a bit trickier as the stamping needs to happen after mounting the pins so as not to collapse the pinhole.

There are several other previously mentioned projects underway that need to be finished including TightWads and PieceMakers. I'm really going to make an effort to get these done this year. More info on them once I have cleared the decks a bit.

Well today I have a few more Antique Brass Spin Coins with Glow Centers done. These are Game Coins, and on this group I decided to do them with my slow drying glue that makes the bubbles underneath the glass. Many people expressed a preference for this cool 3d bubble effect so I did up a few dozen more of them over the holidays.

Bubble Game Coins will run $90 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping by today everyone and I hope you all are staying warm and healthy this winter!

All gone, thank you so much everyone!




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John said...

Wow got a minute to actually read all of the post. First happy new year! second hope everyone gets over the gomboo quick, we had a nasty bout here as well.
Excited to see all the new things headed our way!