Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Antique Brass 5 Flutes

Hi Everyone,

Winter continues to march along here in the Northeast with a little bit of precipitation falling today. We're supposed to get a couple inches of snow and then some rain which should make for rather ugly driving conditions later on tonight. I certainly can't complain about the relatively mild winter so far though.

Projects are moving right along. I should have the LongShot cups done in a couple of days. Over the weekend I had several very interesting ideas for new spring time projects. These will be different items from anything I have produced before. Hopefully they will prove to be viable going forward but more research is needed before I can say for sure. It's always exciting coming up with brand new ideas though, whether they lead anywhere or not. I'll be keeping you posted as the experiments progress.

Today I have some new 5 Flute beads for you. The simple and elegant 5 Flute design, also known as the 5 Flute Megas, have proven to be my most popular and the most requested of my bead designs. This batch is made from 360 grade brass and they feel great in the hand. I have given them a few aging treatments as well as a long slow tumble to get a patina started. These will continue to darken nicely with time, the edges developing a lovely glow from handling and use. Or you could hit them with a polishing cloth or compound like Brasso as often as you like for a high shine finish.

The Antique Brass 5 Flutes will run $30 plus shipping. It's a generous sized batch so I will make it a limit of 4 please. As always, MANY thanks for stopping by today and I look forward to bringing you lots more cool items this year!

All gone for now, thank you so much everyone!



Anonymous said...

22$ for an envelope shipped to Canada...

RS said...

Darn too late :(

Unknown said...

Very cool finish!