Friday, June 05, 2015

Carbon Fiber RubRats!

Howdy Folks,

And a very Happy Friday to you all! We're heading into an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Massachusetts. Perfect temps in the mid 70's.

Things are rolling right along this week. I've been running around like a madman doing all sorts of things in the shop and continuing my spring cleanup efforts. Hauled two loads of junk to the dump and have been reorganizing and doing general cleanup type stuff. Finally the shop is starting to look less like a swamp and more like a place that I feel like spending some time in this summer.

I just got the Mini FunnyBones off to heat treat a couple of days ago and I'm getting the P13 Prybabies cleaned up and ready for finishing in the next couple of days. In addition, the new titanium Wheelman bike tools are well underway and those will be completed in a week or two as well. So we have all kind of new tools on the way this month in addition to the rest of the Delrin beads and possibly even another thing or two...

Today I have the carbon fiber RubRats finished. These are a slick little item that I have been testing for the past two months and I absolutely love them. I first had this idea quite a long time ago but just finally got around to making them happen. Now I'm wondering why I waited so long.

RubRats are a little partition or spacer item for your keychain. Use them to organize your keys. Your house keys, your car keys, your misc locks etc can all be separated into groups if you wish for easy and fast access. RubRats also help keep your valuable and delicate pocket tools from rubbing against your keys or other tools so you can have a way to carry and actually enjoy them rather than worrying that they are going to get trashed.

The RubRats are made of solid .060 carbon fiber so they are very durable while remaining thin and unobtrusive. The classy low luster finish is stunning, especially when the light hits it at an angle. They weigh almost nothing and blend in easily among your keys. These are the small size at 2.5 inches OAL and I'm already looking into a possible second run with a slightly larger footprint.

RubRats will run $25 plus shipping and the order link is below. It's a nice size batch so no limit on the quantity. Thanks for checking in this week and I hope your early summer is shaping up to be a great one!

RubRats are gone for today but I will have a few more coming. Thanks everyone, and have a terrific weekend. :)


trevitrace said...

Interesting, sir. I like it; two please. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Peter!

Nathan said...

Could perhaps also be used as an emergency Hoodsie spoon. ;)

Unknown said...

Missed, I gotta stop being so busy lol. They look great Peter, fantastic idea.

Unknown said...

OHHHH - what is a Wheelman???

Tim said...

Love to see an updated shop tour :)