Friday, May 29, 2015

White 5 Flutes

Happy Friday Everyone!

Summer is creeping up on us this week and we finally got a few brief rainstorms to relieve our parched lawns and gardens. We could use a whole lot more though and it does look like more storms are in the forecast this coming week. I can't remember having a spring this dry before in my whole life. Crazy weather...

I'm rapidly finishing several minor projects this week and have some items ready to go. Today I have beautiful 5 Flute beads in white Delrin. This is a high strength plastic material from Dupont, also known as acetal resin, and it is very tough and lightweight. It also machines well and so is used widely in industrial applications and in countless products. It does not stain or hold dirt so is a great choice if you want something extremely durable in a white color that will stay white no matter what happens to it. I paired it up with a fantastic "Rockstar" rainbow cord and the two work very well together.

A sister batch of black Delrin 5 flutes will be done next week so that will make for two permanent 5 Flute color choices that are colored through and through and do not rely on coatings or anodizing to maintain color.   

White Delrin 5 Flutes will run $25 each plus shipping and no limit on the batch. As always, thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend everyone!

White ones are gone for now, thank you so much!


Unknown said...

That was quick lol. Maybe a black one 👍

Unknown said...

Love the colorful paracord, great stuff yet again Peter.

Unknown said...

Lookin good boss!!