Monday, September 01, 2014

Copper 5 Flutes: Round Two

Hi Everyone,

I hope your holiday weekend has been fun and relaxing. After a superb past few days it has gotten quite warm and humid here so it's a good day to stay indoors and have a little sale.

Today I have the rest of the mega sized Copper 5 Flute Lanslides finished. I decided to add a small pin stripe notch to these and I like the result very much. Both designs are nice but I think the pin stripe adds a little something and brings the basic design up a bit. These are gently tumbled out resulting in a beautiful soft luster with light patina that will continue to deepen and develop over time.

I will be making more of these in bronze over the next few weeks and possibly titanium as well. We'll see how the scheduling goes.  

These Copper 5 Flute Lanslides are the same price as the last batch, $25 each plus shipping, and as before I will make it a two per customer limit. The link is below...Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the weekend!

Copper Lanslides are all gone, thanks so much everyone!


docfink said...

Wow--i just squeaked in! I didn't make time to read about them, but tried to buy three; it wouldn't let me, and the screen locked up. Somehow it reloaded saying "2" was the max, so I was able to get them in the nick of time. Thanks Peter!

bee said...

I don't know how you guys are so fast, been trying for months but my text alerts are delayed at least 7 minutes.....another miss for me.......

jim said...

Man alive - missed them again - that's what I get for living in the UK! They look gorgeous Peter!

Bryan said...

I can't wait until the titanium verIon!!!