Monday, September 08, 2014

DotShot Tipplers

Hi Everyone,

Fall is a great time of year here in New England. The days get cooler and the leaves start to turn their bright and beautiful colors. It's also the start of the NFL football season and that is always good news for Atwood tool fans because I usually get a lot of packaging done while watching the games. Yesterday was no exception...

Today I have the first wave of 303 stainless steel Tipplers done. These little beauties feature my DotShot or Satellite pattern, without the knurling this time. They are truly gorgeous and I'm super happy with how they have turned out.

The Tipplers weigh in at a hefty 117 grams, or just over 4 ounces. They have a capacity of one standard shot. These cups have been "passivated" which is a special cleaning process that removes free iron and sulfur on the surface. Passivation greatly reduces most of the metallic odors, however you may notice a slight metallic smell remaining. That will disappear over time and with use.

These vessels are dishwasher safe but usually a simple hand rinse in soapy water and a soft towel wipe is all that is required for cleanup. I would avoid putting pure salt in them as 303 stainless is not impervious to salt but otherwise they should withstand just about any sort of abuse short of a nuclear bomb blast. Indeed, these cups will definitely outlast us all and our heirs as well! :D

This is a good sized batch so I will make it a two per customer limit. There is another big wave coming next week too so plenty of these are on the way. The Tipplers will run $65 plus shipping, purchase link is below. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you have marvelous week ahead!

These are gone for now. Thank you so much everyone! More on the way soon.



Geoff said...

Peter, the tippler/bigshot, after the dace, were the Atwood made items I have most wanted to purchase. Thanks for making my dream a reality!

BUYUCAT said...

Woo Hoo finally, finally scored one of these guys!!
Right place at right time!! You just made two people very happy!
Keep on keeping on Peter

Thank You Sir

Unknown said...

Make that 3 happy guys. Been waiting for these little guys.

InoxElite said...

Passed on the last 2 PPTs I had an opportunity at, waiting for these. Built up some good luck apparently!

QVolve said...

Oh man just a little too late! Congrats to everyone who scored. The old Bigshot/Tipplers are some of my most used of Peter's work!

Jim said...

@QVolve - I agree, my BigShot (and the ones I got for my son and son-in-law) are in almost daily use! I dream of having a Tippler, but missed it today.

Unknown said...

What good are these if you cant take a proper tequila shot out of them?!