Thursday, May 07, 2009

And the winners are:

11 ideadoc
63 freeman7
75 wwnick
114 shroyerg
152 elfan888
165 lcd
173 Jonesy
177 steven
262 kuh
303 rad

Thanks very much folks! I will send emails to the winners right now.


David C. Mocarsky said...

Oh well..... so it goes.

I will have to wait for the Fixer.

phoenix stu said...

congratulations to the winners

phoenix stu said...

Sorry, I just woke up. I forgot to say thank for the chance Peter! :)

vegassprky said...

Congrats to the winners, will wait for The Fixer to come my way!!!!

curs0r said...

Enjoy, you lucky devils you.

griffey said...

Gaaaaaahhhhhhh! I am destined to never, ever get a MSOPT. Seriously bummed, especially because these DLC ones are amazing.

Congrats to the winners, you buncha hosers. :-P

JD said...

No surprise that I was not one of the luck 10.

Congrats to those that won.

Unknown said...

I love being one number away (261)... Gratz to you guys though.

phoenix stu said...

If any one of the winners decides that they do not want theirs please let me know :)

Thank you

lauriek said...

Gah! Ahh well only 1/30 chance, I've wanted a MSOPT for sooo long! At least I should be able to afford a Fixer instead now!

Congrats to the lucky few! :)

Peter, I assume it's only this model you're stopping - there will still be some v-notched prying bladed tools of some kind in the future? Pretty please? ;)

Dorggy said...

Thanks anyway buddy - see you when you go with the massive dump.

Unknown said...


i was lucky enough to be chosen this round and really appreciate it.

i'm sure this has been said often before, but, i just want to take a moment to compliment peter on the professionalism of his customer service. the fact that he almost always slaps on the shipping labels, and gets his tools in the mail, the same day they are ordered really speaks volumes about his empathy. to be so successful but still realize the importance of the satisfaction of "instant gratification" is a rare and wonderful quality.

as is demonstrated by the response to these lotteries, we all somewhat covet peter's tools and to be able to handle them a few days after ordering really adds value.

now that i think about it a bit more, i sure wish peter was snooty and deliberately slow - it sure would save me some cash$!

thanks again peter,


Peter Atwood said...

Thanks Steven, I appreciate those words and thanks for noticing that I bust my butt to get these things out ASAP. I'm just like one of you guys you know and I hate waiting on stuff myself. :D :P

Aaron said...

Congratulations Guys. While I haven't lucked out yet - I appreciate the fairness of the lottery. Thanks Peter.

phoenix stu said...

I hope today is a lucky day :)