Thursday, February 10, 2022

Gen 2 Zirconium MikroStiks!

Hi Folks,

Well winter's icy grip isn't done with us yet, not by a long shot. But we should be having a few more moderate days coming up, which is not so common this time of year. And the light is getting stronger every day, so you know we're finally on the right side of the solstice and headed towards spring.

I don't have too much to report for projects, and I really do need to take a few days to concentrate on tool production and getting some new designs going. So that grinding stint that I keep putting off will be coming up soon...

Today I have some Zirconium MikroStiks for you. These are a bit bigger than the previous MikroStik release, about 50% larger I think, and also thicker. They are easier to hold but still are small enough to make for a super handy compact pry tool. Excellent for small scraping, cleaning and light prying tasks. 

This batch of zirconium came through with a nice pebbly texture. I played around with my usual heat coloring but was not thrilled with the blackening results. So I decided that these would actually be nicer with an electrical anodized treatment. Zirconium does not exhibit as strong of a color response as it's close cousin titanium, but with some sneaky techniques I was able to coax out some beautiful colors with these. The best is a striking combination of blue and gold that reminds me a little of lapis lazuli.

Gen 2 Zirconium MikroStiks will run $55 plus shipping. Hope your week is going great and thanks as always for stopping by today!

Sold out, thank you so much! I will have steel ones coming in a month or two...


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