Friday, February 04, 2022

Bronze Game Coins

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are getting another storm today, but this time it is all rain, now turning to sleet. That's fine by me as our driveway is almost completely clear now with only a small patch of stubborn ice remaining in one spot. It's always a fight this time of year to keep it cleared off. So far this winter keeping up with it has been fairly easy though, so no complaints.

I continue to pick away at stuff in the shop. Zr MikroStiks are getting close to the finish line and I have been busily prepping out some Stubby MiniBars for up the road. I need to spend a few days in front of the grinder soon and get these steel projects rolling again...

Today I have the remaining Bronze Game Coins done. This group has drilled edges, and originally I had planned to press in the same black ceramic ball bearings that are in the bottom. Would have made for a cool "satellite" effect, but it is way too much work so I gave up on it and will leave them as is. The holes could be filled with glow powder and that would be very fun as well, so I leave it to you all if you want to mess with that idea and make it DIY.

I used a wide variety of interesting leathers once again and there are some really cool combinations here.

Bronze Game Coins will run $75 each plus shipping. Thank you so much for popping in today. I always appreciate it!

Sold out, thank you so much!




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