Friday, September 04, 2020

Titanium MiniBar+

Hello Everyone!

I am back. I have been taking care of an older family member for the past several weeks who has been having some emergency health issues. So I was doing a lot of driving them to the ER, many doctor visits, surgery, helping at home, etc. Everything is cool now though, all is well thank goodness, and it looks like I have my life care stuff is never fun during the best of times but during this pandemic navigating everything has become a nightmare, especially for older folks.

Anyhow, my production certainly suffered during August. I did still manage to get a few things done however, and I'm happy to report that a large batch of steel Tiny Tims is coming back from heat treat today so will be finished by next week. I also just finished milling some other steel projects and so will have at least two more steel tool batches coming up for the fall. I'm thinking of cutting a brand new titanium gas wrench tool, the GasBone, this month. I do have a pile of other designs in the wings too, including brand new Prybaby designs, so as I work through my backlog of projects this fall I will look at cutting more tools.

Today I have some nifty new titanium tools finished. The MiniBar+ is based on my Stubby MiniBar design which I released a while back. I had only made 10 of those Stubbies at the time but had so many people asking for them that I decided to make a similar tool, and I ended up adding a cap lifter and second rear pry tip. As with many of my designs, it has a fun form factor with a lot of potential function in a small package.

This is the first batch, in titanium, but a second batch in steel is nearly done as I mentioned above, and will be coming soon. So if you're a steel fan and not crazy about titanium then not to worry, I will have you covered in a few weeks. And if you're a ti fan but don't like anodizing, not to worry as I have a handful of these today set aside without anodizing. So please just drop me an email if you want a plain finish. I think there are even a few without stamps and grinds if you want super minimalist.

Otherwise, this batch today is all stamped and anodized with my wide range of decorative stamps and anodized colors. Most are contrast anodized for maximum variety and I left some grind marks on these for even more subtle contrast color effects...the one thing I forgot to do on this batch was to make some lefty only pieces. Sorry about that, but there will be some lefty ones in the upcoming steel batch.

Titanium MiniBar+ tools will run $65 plus shipping, no limit on them. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're gearing up for a great holiday weekend!

Sold Out, thank you everyone!

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