Monday, May 18, 2020

Steel PopWroach

Hi Folks,

Well it's a cloudy Monday here in the northeast. At least it's a bit warmer now and it looks like we are finally out of the woods as far as frost is concerned. I will be planting a bunch of vegetables this week, but I'm still going to be cautious about my tomatoes and peppers and give it another week or two for those. I did spy a little flower forming on some protected zucchini (courgettes for the Brits, hehe) that I have going.

In other news, I never thought I would be stoked to go to the dentist, but that is where I am going this appointment in March was cancelled just two days beforehand because of the shutdown. So I have been waiting for two months to get a broken filling fixed. Really not fun, and a daily reminder of the utter craziness of this time. More on that shortly, because "The Captain" is coming...

So today I finally have the new PopWroaches ready to go. This is the latest tool in the captive bit Superbug series and it continues that evolution. In this CPM 154 steel compact tool I have included the new style captive bit dock, which allows for bit retention using just two o-rings. These are similar to the recent Mini LockNut Monsters, but theyare smaller and have a surface ground finish. Instead of the open wrench jaws on the front end, here we have a 5/16 wrench/cap lifter. I gave them a pointy but slightly rounded pocket friendly nose which can be used as a gentle pry tip, or in a pinch it can pop tape on a package. The back end has the usual pry tip/screwdriver with an oversized and generously chamfered lanyard hole to make these easy to throw on your key ring. There are my usual wide ranging variety of decorative stamps, and I have a few lefties available.

The PopWroaches will run $65 plus shipping and it's a modest batch so I will make it a one per customer limit on them please, so more folks get a chance at them.

Thanks as always for stopping by today. I deeply appreciate the continued support and interest in my crazy little projects, and especially in this difficult time when so many less fortunate folks have lost their jobs, or even their lives. Stay safe, stay sane and stay handy my friends!

Sold Out, thanks again everyone!

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