Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Mini LockNut Monsters

Hi Folks,

Well it's another freezing cold week here in Massachusetts, but at least the sun is shining. Spring is certainly taking it's sweet time getting here though with temperatures in April well below average, so it wasn't just my imagination. And so far May is looking like it will be quite chilly as well. But that hasn't stopped the hungry little black flies, which swarm around my head as soon as I step foot in the garden. I have a secret weapon against them however, a camo trucker hat with built in bug net. So I can wear that and then go about my business relatively undisturbed.

I don't have too much to report on new projects, but they are slowly coming along. Hopefully I'll have the little QuickDraw tools done by the end of the week...

Today I have a brand new version of an older tool for you. The Mini LockNut Monster is a bit lighter in weight and about 25% smaller than the original version which I made many years ago, measuring just 3.3" long. These are made of CPM 154 steel, with a light raw bar finish. Features include five American wrench sizes 1/4-1/2", rear pry tip/screwdriver, and my new compact captive bit system. I omitted the cap lifter from the original design to give these a smaller footprint.

These cute little guys are stamped with a wide variety of images. It is not a very big batch, so it will be a limit of two per customer please. I may make more later this year depending on how things go, but at least this batch will get them started.

Mini LockNut Monsters will run $75 each plus shipping. Thanks for coming by today and hope you all are staying healthy!      

All gone, thank you so much!

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