Monday, March 02, 2020

Titanium Tommyknockers

Hi Folks, and Happy Monday!

Whew, there's certainly some crazy stuff going on right now and I know everyone is watching the situation closely. It would not be the dumbest thing we ever did to stock up on a few weeks' worth of necessities, just in case, and keep washing our hands constantly. I have actually been gearing up and slowly preparing our household for this crisis for the past several weeks because there were obviously potential problems coming and I have little faith in anyone's ability to contain it. My efforts still may not be enough of course, but I'm a big believer in preparedness, and pandemic outbreaks of new viruses that we don't really know much about yet make me quite nervous.

The projects are rolling right along. I'm almost done with the next twisted tool batch but haven't gotten to finish much else these past couple of days. I did do some prep work on the next two captive bit tool batches though and did more grinding on steel metric Prybabies... But my shop is now a whole lot cleaner and I can actually see some work benches again. I figure every 5 or 6 years it doesn't hurt to get out the broom and throw some junk away, whether it needs it or not, haha...

Today I have some new tools for you. These new Tommyknockers are made of the upcycled Armor Plate titanium, and I have to say, this is some of the worst grinding material I have ever encountered. Ugh! There is a reason it's being used to build armored vehicles, because this stuff is ridiculously tough, and it eats expensive grinding belts like candy.

The new Tommyknocker design is identical to the recent steel Atwrenches, with the exception that the butt end is angled rather than round. Same exact footprint otherwise though, a little thicker at .200", with aggressive grip areas, SAE wrench set and 5/16 wrench and bottle opener area. These have a plain stonewashed finish, although I do have a few color anodized ones which are available upon request, and I may do a small sale for those if enough of these are left over...there are a couple of lefties here today as well. No stamps with these, and no extra grinds, it was bad enough just grinding the standard forward grinds, although I did make a few variations and conbinations on the forward grind styles.

Titanium Tommyknockers will run $70 plus shipping and the link is below to purchase, no limit on them. Thanks for dropping by today and please stay healthy my friends! 

 All gone for today, thank you everyone!

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