Thursday, December 07, 2017

Steel Superbugs

Hi Folks,

Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend...we were due for some snow but now it's out of the forecast for the time being. That's totally fine by me as I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of it soon enough.

I'm still cranking along here, trying to button up the rest of the fancy ti rulers which are taking a little more time than I thought. Also need to tie some cord and get going on some more Mini 5 flute beads. Metric steel Crawdaddies are in doubt as far as finishing this year but in the worst case they will be coming in early 2018. Zr Mini Triangles are still in the running for finishing this year though as are some of the SpinCoin designs. 

In the meantime, today I have the remaining CPM 154 Superbugs available. It's just a few stragglers but enough for a quick sale I thought. They feature extra leverage pry tip/screwdriver, 5/16 open wrench/cap lifter, rear pry/screwdriver tip and my captive bit system which holds any standard 1 inch long 1/4" tool bit, philips bit included as well as spare set of o-rings...This was one of my favorite tools designs this year and a very handy little item. No lefties remain, just right handed ones in this small bunch.

Superbugs will run $70 plus shipping and the link is down below. If you don't see a link it means they are sold out but you can always email me directly and ask if I have any extras or other tools and accessory items on hand. Thanks as always for stopping by today.

Superbugs are all gone, thank you everyone!

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John said...

Holy cow huge drop week!