Monday, December 04, 2017

Stamped Rulers!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday! After a gray and gloomy weekend it is much brighter here today although definitely turning colder. We might be getting our first snow later this week or early next week.

Got something very cool for you guys today...this is the next batch of R37 Titanium Rulers in the "regular" thickness of 5/32 or .160 inches. However, this group has my antique stamps and a beautiful hand rubbed satin finish. They are super sweet.  The stamps are not as crazy as the last batch of SpinWrenches, mostly singles, but they sure do look nice paired with this style of surface finish.

These tools feature a 3 inch measuring scale on the front side, 7cm metric scale on the back side, 8,9,10mm closed metric wrench set, 1/4 hex opening, open 5/16 wrench, cap lifter and center 3/8 opening reamed for a press fit for optional MD Engineering spin bearings. 

And also, a very fancy small batch of these with special anodizing is almost done and coming later this week so you will really want to stay tuned for those if you are a color lover. ;)

The Stamped R37 Ti Rulers with satin finish will run $80 plus shipping and the link to purchase is just below. There is a limit of two per customer on them...please note that due to holiday package volumes, the post office is a bit slow right now. And also paypal sometimes doesn't send shipment notifications but these will all be going out today and tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by today and hope your week is shaping up to be a great one.

Gone for now, thank you so much everyone! Stay tuned for ano patterned rulers later this week!


Unknown said...

Sometimes the planets line up :)
Been really wanting a Ruler, and just happen to check the site at the right time. Really did a nice job on these Peter. Stamped version is icing on the cake!

Geoff said...

Very excited to have my first Atwood ruler on the way. 2nd one will be a Christmas gift for some lucky guy or gal, won't they be surprised!

Unknown said...

Where's the link?

Peter Atwood said...

Mark, the sale is over so I took the link down. If you email me though I do have a few

Unknown said...

I am Japanese, can I purchase this product?

Peter Atwood said...

I'm sorry but they are all gone. If you email me though I will be making some similar ones soon and can try to hook you up.