Saturday, March 01, 2014

Tellurium Copper Terminators

Hi Everyone,

It's been a pretty quiet lately on the blog but I'm still here! This dreadful winter weather has been beating us down pretty good in the northeast. It's been so cold that the maple sugar season hasn't even started yet and that is usually halfway over by now. It's just crazy...luckily we're only three weeks from spring so things should start improving soon.

I've been working steadily on a number of interesting projects. I have a bunch of new designs coming up this spring that I'm excited about and I can't wait to get some of them going and share with you. I'll have more about them as they get closer, but in the meantime I've got this cute new Lanslide design to introduce today.

The Terminator Lanslide beads are something I have been thinking about for a couple of years now. I kept envisioning a bead large enough to hide a standard 550 paracord lanyard knot but 1/2 inch diameter stock was simply not big enough to do the job. So, I went up a size to 5/8 inch stock. These new beads are the largest that I have made so far both in girth and in length, .8 inches long, yet with the elegant tapered shape they really seem to be a perfect size. The sure positive grip they offer is outstanding.

The bottoms are counterbored and will accept a two strand Matthew Walker style knot (instructions for tying can be found here).  By trimming and sealing the cord ends the hollowed bottom of the Terminator will completely hide the knot if you wish to have a super clean look. Or you can let the cord tails stick out which looks fine as well and is easier to change if you want a different cord color. I will be shipping these with the cord tails in place and let you decide how you want to finish them since I know many people will be tying these onto their own custom lanyards anyway.

The first batch is made of gorgeous tellurium copper. They are very solid feeling and weigh in at a hefty 13 grams, nearly a 1/2 oz! I can't wait to see the patina develop on these...they look beautiful now but they are going to become fantastic as the months and years go by. The AAA copper flashlight in the background has been in my pocket every day for a year and it has a wonderful rich glow to it. Sweat, dust, finger oils and general oxidation give you a warm personal patina you can only get with age and constant handling. Good stuff.

This is only a small batch today but I will have more copper ones coming next week. Following that there will be titanium and also bronze Terminators.

The Terminators will run $25 each with a limit of two per customer for now. The link to purchase is below and if you don't see the link that means they are temporarily sold out.

Thanks for stopping by and stay warm this weekend!

Terminators are Sold Out for now, more coming next week, thank you!



Unknown said...


Belush 2 said...

LOVING the Copper Peter!!!
Thanks for the sale today...perfect for all, including WC!!

trevitrace said...

Love the look of that maratac!

Unknown said...

Can't wait for the brass ones. Great design Peter.

Serge said...

Those are awesome! thanks!

Unknown said...

Sorry. Meant the bronze (not brass) ones.

Anonymous said...

Mr. A,

Can you tell us some more about tellerium? I never heard of it.

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks everyone!

Tellurium copper is just an alloy of copper that is more machinable than pure copper. It's a little bit harder and not so gummy, machines cleaner. I have used it before in previous beads a couple of years ago and other makers have used it quite a bit as well.

Chris said...

Got mine in the mail today - outstanding!!!

Belush 2 said...

Mine were waiting for me when I got home today...
(Fast shipping from Mr. A.)
These are truly AWESOME!!
Nice size, great shape, and the copper is Beautiful!!
Great Job again Peter!!
Thank You!!

Kemtitec said...

Why do I keep thinking of the band Devo?

Unknown said...

If you get more copper Terminators I would like two. Great stuff.