Friday, March 07, 2014

Green Dreads

Hi Folks,

It's a bright and sunny one today with temps moderating slightly. Maple sugaring season is finally starting this weekend so that tells you something right there. Maybe if we're lucky some of that ugly white stuff piled up at the end of the driveway might even start disappearing, just enough to make room for another 12 inches due next week.

Bronze Terminators will be next up, probably over the weekend or early next week so stay tuned for those.

I have lots to do later on so I thought maybe an early morning sale (late night for the Aussies!) might be in order....Today I have some Titanium Dreadknots with green anodizing available. As usual, they run $60 each plus shipping. This is a tiny batch so one per customer please, the purchase link is below. Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!

Dreadknots are gone, thank you so much everyone!


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