Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Solid Bronze Dice

Howdy Folks!

It's a warm but pleasant day here in New England...we could really use some rain so if you have some extra please send it our way. :)

Today I have some solid bronze dice done. The alloy is 655 bronze which is one of the more machineable grades, relatively hard and as heavy as copper.These have a nice antique finish on them and they look a bit like the previous copper ones except the copper dice were a little bit redder in color and these have more brown tones.

It's funny how this stuff tumbles out...I had a few solid bronze ones earlier this month and those were really dark in color whereas these are lighter. The bronze with holes proved to be slightly redder than these for some reason and were hard to tell apart from the copper dice. It's a mystery since both the solid and drilled dice were all turned from the same bars and tumbled in the same media and the duration of tumbling was about the same on them. Oh well, they are all nice looking and will continue to develop even more character and patina over the years.   

Anyhow, the bronze dice are $30 each plus the shipping. I appreciate everyone who stops by and I hope your summer is going great!

These are GONE, thank you so much folks!


Snake Man Bone said...

The open for sale link is like a time portal
Only open for a few minutes then bam it's gone
Crazy how fast it opens and closes.
Very cool dice Peter very cool.

Unknown said...

Dang! 8 Minutes

melman8r said...

Love mine Peter! Thanks. Aluminum solids anytime soon?

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks so much everyone! Will try to get these out this afternoon...

Mark, thanks. No more aluminum were planned for now...

Anonymous said...

I have never actually seen a sale link. What do they look like?

Snake Man Bone said...

Your answer
Not sure if ur joking or not but if u really hav never seen a link it's usually blue colored and it's always right below the description of the item for sale
So here's what u do
U seriously hav to watch the site all the time with a portable laptop or a iPhone or android
Wen u see the item in the blog u click on it and then scroll down below the picture and description and if ur quick enough u will see the link
U know where Peter always says "thanks all gone for now" that is exactly where the link once was.
Hope that helps

Isaac said...

Wow I really wanted a pair of these and they went fast.

If any are left or go unpaid please let me know..

I have 1 over-sized brass die and its the only one I've ever seen so another brass or bronze dice would be great.

jodj said...

Bummer about the aluminum. I was really hoping for a run of black anodized dice.

Peter, Are there any stainless ones in the future? How about delrin or g10?

Snake Man Bone said...

I like the new background
Hey those look like my dice

Sib said...

These are reall nice. Glad I was lucky enough to get two.
Now I need a pair of the titanium ones to have a full backgammon set :)

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