Thursday, June 14, 2012

Super Juice

Hi Folks, Well it's been a couple of great days in the shop. I spent quite a bit of time NOT working on tools for a change and instead doing some much needed and long overdue cleanup and organizing. Also some important maintenance stuff that I have been putting off for months. The good news is that I should be able to work a little smarter this summer and be able to keep myself somewhat sane in the process but perhaps that is too much to ask. ;) Anyway, I did manage to get some stuff underway and keep it moving through the processes. Today I have some more anodized aluminum Longslides done and this time they are in a brand new color. I'm calling this one SuperJuice because it reminds me of a certain well known sports drink...or maybe what happens after you eat a bunch of B vitamins...hehe. At any rate, this color is absolutely electric looking and I have put it on black cord to show off the contrast even more. The SuperJuice Longslides will be $25 plus shipping and the link is below. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and for your very kind emails and comments both here and on the ToolBook. Much appreciated! SuperJuice are sold out for now, thank you!


seric said...
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The Angry Hippie said...

I think you mean beta-carotene (precursor to Vitamin A)!

Love the color. I'm a sucker for your anodized pieces. Thanks for sharing these with the world.

seric said...

Interesting color if it came out as I imagine. I think it would look really cool with some contrasting black o-rings. Vet Bills take priority for my wallet right now though.

Unknown said...

I finally was fast enough to catch a purchase link, too bad i am not in the market for a longslide. Hopefully I have a chance at the next one of a kind item!!

Keep em comming Peter!! Make something that will WOW us like you always do!

Unknown said...

Peter, not only did I score a few, but... are these, maybe, just maybe.... toxic green????

USN forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess i will have to do a GAW over there!

And I was just heading into the rain locker when I said "self, you might as well check, one more time ;D

James said...

HaHaHa i get off the computer for a bit and this these look wicked!!

tim said...

True story.
Just went to the bathroom to take a XXXX at my work.
Checked the site with my iphone same time.
Next thing you know, stayed in the bathroom for 10min.
Well I am glad finally i got it again.