Friday, March 25, 2011

Rest of the Croc Wrenches

Hi Folks,

Thanks for bearing with me this past week. I just finished grinding some more Poltergeist tools and E115s. These will go out to heat treat in the morning and will be back in about two weeks. In the meantime, I expect to see the previous batch of Poltergeists and mini Poltergeists to be back from heat treat sometime next week. I've been trying to get a lot of stuff going this past week or so with the idea of preparing for a fairly steady stream of sales throughout April and into May.

Today I have the rest of the Croc Wrenches done. These are the raw bar ones and there's only a handful of them available. So it will be one per customer sale and they are $70 each plus shipping, link is below. Thanks for stopping by!

Sold Out, thank you! :)

Shown next to a G5 Prybaby for size comparison:

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Zag96 said...

Hi Peter, I know you need new tool ideas like a whole in the head, but I'm picturing a Croc handle with a big beefy bottle opener on the business end (instead of the wrench). Being Friday afternoon and all, I am having no problem picturing myself making great use of such a tool.... you know, just a thought. Have a great weekend all.