Saturday, March 05, 2011

Few More CrocoNuts

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the slow pace of things lately but I've been giving my left hand some time off for my tendonitis and it has helped greatly. I'm taking it a little easy and am really feeling much better. But that doesn't mean that things have stopped here, far from it in fact. I'm pushing forward with numerous projects and making some good headway.

Early next week I will be sending a big batch of tools off to heat treat, Poltergeists and mini Poltergeists. The mini Poltergeist is exactly the same profile and size as the Ghosts that I did last year but it has a single hex opening in the top end. I had made just three proto ones last year that I called the Cyclops but I think mini Poltergeist is a better name since they so closely resemble their big brother. The first wave of those will be steel and a second wave is also cut and ready to start the grinding work. A third wave for middle or end of April timeframe will be in titanium. There will also be some ti Poltergeists around that time.

I'm currently getting underway on the LifeLine Gear Leash project. The first of those will be in non marring black delrin. I will have pictures very very soon as I am tying the first ones of those this weekend. I'm making tons of them so no worries on snagging some. Second wave will be starting end of next week and those will be in titanium. I'll take pics and explain the philosophy behind the design in the next day or so.

Anyway, I have the remaining 20 of the stonewashed CrocoNut wrenches done. There are some bead blasted ones on the way soon as well and I have a handful of raw bar ones that I need to finish up too. But right now it's these plain always, thanks for stopping by! :)

Stonewashed are sold out, thank you!


ryan said...

Finally got an atwood! Thanks Peter.


Cypripedium said...

Can we get a shot from the other side, I'm having trouble figuring out how big they are.

Peter Atwood said...

There you go...they are about 4.5" long.

cliff said...

Today is my b-day. What a great gift. I've been waiting for the CrocoNut.
Thank you, Cliff

shigeru said...

Really digging the raw bar Croconut. Hope you're having a great weekend Peter and glad you are feeling better.

vegassprky said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and thanks for the update, sounds like alot is coming up! Looking forward to the upcoming pictures! Hope the weather is getting nicer you've had enough winter for this year!! Gary :>)

Anonymous said...

Ti Poltergeist's and Mini-Poltergeist's?? Very, very cool. And spooky!

Rick said...

Did you say there will be bead blasted CrocoNuts? ;D

QVolve said...

I remember when I first started reading your blog, you said something along the lines of "I'm an artist, not a factory".

Its good to take a break, especially if its effecting your health.

Take it easy and get better Peter!

Publius said...

Hey Peter, have you seen the Keyport yet?

Food for thought - how about some custom Atwood tools that fit into the Keyport? And if one should happen to fill up a Keyport with 6 Atwood tools, well, then, it's an Atwoodport!

Rick said...

Those key ports look really cool.

Peter - I just noticed that it looks like you designed the inner most teeth on the Croco's to work as an O2 wrench. I'm guessing that was on purpose? :D

Peter Atwood said...

Actually it was to give it more strength Rick, rather than have a hex shape there which would create a point of weakness if anyone got some real torque on the teeth. I don't think it will work as an O2 wrench.

Zag96 said...

Hey Peter, can you throw us a LifeLine (or at least a picture of one)? :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you!
Just received CrocoNut in the mail.
I have been looking at your website almost daily since I saw you referenced as a "Related Item" in a review.
And the CrocoNut is awesome!