Friday, August 06, 2010

More Stamped DoubleHeaders

Hi Everyone,

OK, I have the last of the stamped Doubleheaders done and ready to go. There are less than two dozen of them so I'll make this sale one per customer so the most folks possible have a chance at them. I got word yesterday that my other batch of plain DoubleHeaders is leaving heat treat today so I should have them early next week.

All Gone, thank you!


The Heiferman said...

Just in under the wire. Thank you, Mr. Atwood!

Isaac said...

ok I missed another one.... I guess it was my fault for going to work today. Should have called in sick!

Unknown said...

Like the car dude. Is it yours?

Peter Atwood said...


I went to a hot rod get together a few weeks back and took about 600 pictures of the 160 cars that were there. So, yours could be a shot of any one of was truly one of the most interesting private cruise nights I've ever been to and there were some incredible cars and trucks of every description. Enjoy!