Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More 5 FLute Lanslides

Howdy Folks!

I have a bunch more of the 5 flute Lanslides done. These are definitely my favorite bead design so far and are beautifully machined. This bunch has a plain machine satin finish with black cord and are $15 each plus shipping. As always, thanks for stopping by. :)

All done for tonight, thank you! I'll do some anodized ones next. :)


Easy Wind said...

..In addition, Peter, are there any XL tools on the horizon? And how is the supply of steel been these days?
Any Bead Blasted S30v coming down the line soon?

Peter Atwood said...

Steel is great right now, ti also. I'm not planning any run of bead blasted stuff per se but if you email me maybe I could do something up for you.

Smack2000 said...

Man this is gonna look so good on my Arc 6. The flute and bevel pattern match the guarded sleeve perfectly!