Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stamped Business Cards

Hi Folks,

I managed to finish a few more Atwood Business Cards, all with stamps on them. I have a variety of images including crowns, sword hilts, tiny boat, leaves, owl and many others, mostly different. To keep it simple, I will send you whatever I send you, no choice, as they are all nice.

This is only a small batch so I will make it one per customer please. This is the end of the tools that are salvageable from the entire batch. They are $50 plus shipping and the link is below.

Sold Out, thank you!


Kriz said...

Aiii my first Atwood tool *faint*

Nathan said...

I can't get the purchase link to work again. My connection must stink, or something.

Billy said...

Dang it, missed it! You have such pretty stamps!

l said...

what was the finish on these?
They are silky smooth.

Peter Atwood said...

They are lightly bead blasted.