Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I know it's been pretty quiet around here for the past few days. I have a bunch of stuff almost ready to send out to heat treat but I was hoping to grind a few more pieces before I do so that the batch is cost effective. So maybe by the weekend that will happen and we can get the ball rolling again. This batch will have Nibbles and slightly redesigned Crawdaddies. Maybe the Mini FunnyBones if I can get them cut in time. And I have something brand new, a neat little tool in the works as well.

I have had a bunch of distractions keeping me out of the shop too...end of the quarter paperwork before taxes, general kicking back for a few days before I burn myself out completely and the arrival of a few days when the sun has *actually* been out for the whole day and the snow has *almost* completely melted from my yard have all conspired to keep me from my work. What a hard winter it has been around here this year! Just miserable...when 70 degrees and sunny finally gets here there will be a few days of serious kicking back going on I can tell you that! :)

Anyhow, there won't be a whole lot happening on my site as far as available tools go until early next week. I need to finish the sheaths for the rest of the SharkTooth batch and I have a few other items to finish as well. Mostly just dribs and drabs...a few steel G2 Gasbabies, those mini Keytons I mentioned a while back, a couple of ti Bug Out Bars I finally cord wrapped, some BugBites, etc.


Unknown said...

Well, among all that stuff, I will try to limit myself to a Mini Funnybone if I can catch one.

Thanks for the update, Peter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Peter. Maybe I can get my work down now :) Any hope for Bermuda Triangles?

Peter Atwood said...

Yep, there are lots of Bermuda Triangles coming too. What happened on those was that the hex holes got cut slightly undersized by accident. So I have spent a bunch of money on carbide bits and broaches in an attempt to open them up to 1/4". The damned broaches cost over $100 each and the first one broke after 20 pieces. The second one broke after 40 pieces. So now I've got the remainder of the batch at my friend's shop to see if we can mill them out with a tiny endmill.

However, this is the same guy who always takes FOREVER to make me my whistles (which is why out of frustration I have finally discontinued them) so I expect we will see this batch done sometime next winter if we're lucky... :(

Hehe, no actually I'm thinking of going down there tomorrow and light a fire under his ass. We have one more good broach and I may just hang out down there and try to do more of them myself until this broach breaks. That would give me at least a few dozen saleable Triangles.

texasflyfisher said...

Snow? It's like 91F and muggy at 5:31pm here in Austin today! I wish it would rain to cool off a bit!

Peter Atwood said...

Yeah man, SNOW! We had so much snow this year followed by periods of rain that it all froze into one gigantic glacier that is still hanging around. It got so bad at one point that we could barely get out of our driveway because of the encroaching ice filled snowbanks. I hate this stuff...

DB said...

We all know how it goes...you've got more to your life than just your job, right? (Although lately I feel like I live at my job and go home to put in my 40 hours for the week.) I know the first time that hit 50 degrees here a few days ago I could barely contain myself...I wasn't having anything to do with being cooped up inside, even if it was just to pick up the trash that had been hiding under the snow for the past few months.

Your customers seem to range from admirers to fanatics (I think I'm somewhere in between) and when it's been too quiet after a few days, we start the "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" (Be quiet back there or I'll turn this blog around!!) :D

I , and I'm sure everyone else, always appreciate the updates, even if it's only an update about how you've been slackin' off...j/k. ;)


Peter Atwood said...

ROTFLMAO, that's right dammit, one more word out of you guys and I will turn this blog right around and we're going home. Hehehehe... :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! Serious "Dad in the front of the station-wagon" flashback!

I always wondered how his right arm could extend to about 8 feet to whack whoever was misbehaving in the back!

Ok, Dad....we'll be good. Bring on the Atwood stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the snow stuff, I grew up in northern Vermont and man did we get snow!

Thanks for the update, glad you took some time to hang out. Gotta do that stuff sometimes!


Anonymous said...

I am always glad when I hear you are kicking back. :-)

Rick said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the update! :) I'm dang near broke so it helps to know what is one the schedule so I know how much more broke I'm gonna be. lol (It's really not that funny)

Just out of curiosity, are all of the upcoming tools going to have that "special" SharkTooth finish? I'm not really sure what to call it?

Also, sorry to hear about the B-Triangles. Thats a real bummer! As if they weren't already enough work. If it makes you feel any better, I had to force the bit into my G2 Triangle. Even then, it would just barely fit in and I still loved it. In fact, I passed it on to a friend and I really miss it now. :(

Hopefully it will warm up soon! We even had snow out here in the west that last couple of days. Sure is getting old!

Take care!

Adrian said...

Peter, thanks for all your hard work, its totally appreciated!

Unknown said...

Well I'm glad to hear you've gotten some R&R / things accomplished outside the shop the past few days.

You've gotta do it otherwise coming into the shop won't be the fun escape from the real world that it once was.

Glad to hear that the funnybone may get into circulation. I'm broke, but under the circumstances I will make some room when those surface.

Ahhh its all becoming clear now. When I travel up the 5 fwy I always see this cool old sign on this old building that says "Pioneer Broach Co." I always thought it a bit odd that in the middle of this industrial area with machine shops and such that there would be a factory that makes pins for old ladies sweaters. I learn something new around here all the time.

alan said...

Well here in Miami you have "rest and relaxation weather" all the time. Except for your occasional hurricanes. Either way, take advantage of that good weather. Looking forward to those funny bones.

Peter Atwood said...

Well I managed to save all the triangles. Took a couple hundred extra dollars in tooling and a day of my time but now I can proceed to the finishing stages. I'm just happy I didn't have to scrap them. :)

Anonymous said...

Take care Peter. Thanks for the update.

Unknown said...

thanks for update, peter!

quick question - are the photos on your site copyrighted? was curious, cuz the latest eBay flipper (sharktooth) didn't even bother taking his own pic & just lifted yours

Anonymous said...

From the ebay "practices" web-site:

"eBay members are not allowed to use another eBay user's pictures or descriptions in their listings or About Me pages without the owner's permission."

From their site at:

The page includes a link were the owner may inform ebay and have the item removed. Now, do we really want Peter spending his time on that? We want him making stuff (but wouldn't be upset if he is p*&@#$&(* enough to report this!). :)