Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Speed Bump

This serpent was from the Bermuda Triangle though. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, no wonder I was able to get one!

Peter Atwood said...

Yup, I made quite a few. :)

Wildwoodfolks said...

Hey Peter,

good job on the Bermuda Triangles I love mine, keep up the good work.

Everyone who wanted one should have one now & I enjoyed the photo of the BT's all lined up like that snake thats cool to see them all in a group shot ; )

Take care.


s4biturbo said...

man Peter you have been a busy little bee haven't you!! great work!

love the bt serpent!!!

alan said...

Damn Peter are you sure you're not a factory?! Looks like youve been busy.
That explains why they were up for so long. Nice picture though.

DB said...

Hehe, so, did you set those up like dominos first? I would have. ;)

Are any of those destined to become tropical?

Unknown said...

Looks pretty cool Peter, nice work.


Mine's in there somewhere. Been waiting for one of these for a while! Keep up the awesome work!

Rick said...

I counted 62, but I could have missed one or two. Very nice! Don't forget that these babies took even more work than normal. Thanks Peter, I can't wait to get mine. Should look nice with my G1. ;)

Anonymous said...

Now that is one cool photo! I wonder which Triangle was mine, what part of the spine of the beast?

These are really nice feeling in hand also. I think that pic will be a new desktop pattern.

- clemmens

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter!

Mine already made it's way from that snake all the way to Europe in just a few days!
These are fun little tools, and I love the stonewash finish!

Off now to pop open a beer with my first Atwood!