Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall is Late This Year

But it has finally arrived. Although I dread what is coming next, this view out my study window is worth a thousand words.


Anonymous said...


No other words seem appropriate somehow.

Anonymous said...

That's a very pleasant view to work by. Mother nature always provides something awe-inspiring. UKR

Anonymous said...

Pretty Cool view Peter, That kind of view must get the brain thinking of all kinds of cool tools to make.

Unknown said...

i know its "not what you do", but posting a large and possible widescreen version of that image (maybe after you open the window?) would be absolutely super. all the best...


Bush -- not related said...

Spent yesterday's cloudless and 69 degree day atop Mt. Sunapee -- it was spectacular.

BTW, Peter, crawdaddies arrived today, thank you very much. I'm astonished, frankly, at how light they are. I was a bit worried as I don't like my pockets weighted down (keep but TWO keys in my pocket, car and house), but the Crawdaddy just vanishes in there.

Lovely concept perfectly executed.

As to the fakes: you'd better license some designs (CRKT?) and let THEM sue the fakers.


Anonymous said...

I think liscensing your designs is the last thing that should be done. Well, maybe some of the older stuff that is discontinued, so I can get my hands on them easier. =) For some reason I dont think it will be close to the same.

Anonymous said...

Titanium CrawDaddies,
Titanium Mini Prybabies,
Tiger Striped CPM 154 Mini Son of Prythings, with prytips,
Damascus MSOP's, with Prytips
Damascus Tactical Whistles with a deep etch.

Wow, I just can't get these cool Tools out of my head.

Peter, I think the cure for this can only be found in your Work shop.

Anonymous said...

I see the price of Quality steel has risen.
Probably a good idea.